High Velocity Mini Duct System Installation Services in Torrance, CA

A high velocity mini duct HVAC system can help you enjoy whole-home comfort without the hassle. Get in touch with our experts to find out if this solution is right for your home.

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The typical residential property loses up to 30 percent of indoor air to leaking or poorly fitted ductwork. As a result, many homes are affected by high utility bills, recurring air quality problems, and inconsistent heating and cooling. 

If you live in an older property that doesn’t have existing ductwork installed, you’re in luck: you can avoid significant air loss and the mess of traditional air duct installation with a high velocity mini duct system. 

Total Home Environmental offers professional high velocity mini duct installation services in Torrance and the surrounding South Bay region. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

Installing High Velocity HVAC Systems in Older Homes

Installing a duct system in your home can be inconvenient and impractical. This is particularly the case with older or historic properties, where major renovations can compromise the structure and aesthetics of the home. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy whole-home comfort if you live in an older home lacking ductwork and a central HVAC system. High velocity mini duct systems involve a minimally invasive installation process that can retrofit your home with smaller air ducts without compromising cooling or heating efficiency and comfort.

What are the Benefits of High Velocity Mini Duct Systems?

This system is an efficient, easy-to-install alternative to traditional duct systems. You can enjoy efficient cooling throughout your home without having to open up your walls or deal with large air ducts that end up developing leaks. 

High velocity mini duct systems offer the following benefits:

Space efficiency — These systems feature smaller ducts that are between 2 to 4 inches in diameter. Traditional air ducts are often 8 inches or more.

Minimal disruption during installation — No need to tear down walls to accommodate large and bulky ductwork. High velocity mini duct systems are installed by drilling small access points into the walls, flooring, and ceiling and fitting pipes through these access points.

Quiet operation — The mini ducts that run through your home will be insulated to help minimize noise. 

Better air quality — High velocity systems are more efficient at preventing dust and debris from building up in the ducts, resulting in cleaner indoor air.

These are just some of the advantages of choosing high velocity mini duct systems. Reach out to our experts today to book a consultation and discuss your needs in detail.

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Whether you’re interested in high velocity HVAC systems or you need help with traditional heating and cooling, our experts at Total Home Environmental are prepared to provide the solutions you need. We will work closely with you to assess your HVAC needs and present you with options tailored to your goals and budget.

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