Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions for Your Home in Torrance, CA

The right HVAC system can help lower your utility bills and provide reliable comfort year-round. Call Total Home Environmental today to book a consultation for energy efficient HVAC installations in Torrance.

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Looking for an efficient way to maximize indoor comfort? Consider installing energy efficient HVAC systems. When it’s time to replace your furnace or air conditioner, ask us about energy efficient options that can help you save on energy costs over time.

Total Home Environmental can help you benefit from energy-saving solutions and provide you with high-efficiency air conditioners and furnaces. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation in Torrance or surrounding areas in the South Bay region. 

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Standard air conditioners come with a minimum 14 SEER rating. High efficiency systems, on the other hand, are often at least 18 SEER, with the most efficient AC systems featuring SEER ratings between 20 and 26. 

Many high efficiency AC systems also come with variable speed technology. This means they are able to run at a lower capacity for a longer period of time while still providing consistent cooling throughout your home. The result is greater indoor comfort without the high energy bills. 

Our experts at Total Home Environmental can help you install energy efficient air conditioners to meet your comfort goals. Reach out today to schedule AC installation or replacement services in Torrance and find out if a high-efficiency system is right for your home.

Energy Efficient Furnaces

Need to replace your old furnace? You may want to consider energy efficient options.

A high-efficiency furnace won’t just help lower your heating bills, it’s also a safer alternative that cuts back on combustion time. Eco-conscious homeowners will also appreciate the fact that high-efficiency furnaces produce less waste compared to standard systems.

Installing an energy efficient furnace may require additional ventilation upgrades and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. But if you are prepared to have the extra work done to ensure a safe and accurate installation, our experts are happy to go over the process with you and explain your options.

Call Now for Heating and Cooling Solutions You Can Trust

At Total Home Environmental our goal is to help you find ways to lower your energy bill and improve the overall comfort of your home. If you are looking for a more efficient alternative to standard HVAC systems, our experts can help you navigate the many high-efficiency options available. 

Whether you are interested in an energy efficient air conditioner or furnace, our team will present you with the products that best meet your needs and indoor comfort goals. 

We make the process of working with us an informative and hassle-free experience by offering honest professional advice and opinions, presenting you with upfront estimates, and making sure you are well-equipped to make the best decision for your home.

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Contact our experts today to discuss your comfort needs and goals, and learn more about the different energy efficient options available for your Torrance home.

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